About Me

Many moons ago my friend, Paul and I would discuss the latest episode of The Twilight Zone as we endured the 90 min. bus ride to school.  The scarier the telling-the better!

I’ve always enjoyed the feelings that frightening movies and stories evoke.

I blame my Irish blood for my passion in telling and retelling Twisted Tales.  I consider the Emerald Island blood to be a storytellers enableing fluid!

So I was born…so I am driven.

To my credit I have been part of a wonderful, weekly writing group for the past four years.  Earlier, published a book of poetry with two friends.  Written more than a hundred songs and performed many of them in a small band.

As a H.S. freshman, I became extremely embarassed in English class when the teacher chose to read aloud my story-work assignment.  After the reading she asked if anyone thought they knew the author.  Many hands raised-many student’s names were given…no one guessed it was me.  When she named me, there was a small gasp in the classroom as everyone stared in disbelief  at my reddening face.  Thoug shy and quiet, it felt exhilarating to be recognized.

The storie’s title was: The Beast Within.

I have three lovely daughters with their own families now.  All three have an interest in writing careers and the eldest, Jennifer-has her first book launch in October.  We are all so excited!!

Thank-You, and happy reading…and writing.


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