“Too Fast?”

Hi there, and welcome to Just End It Monday.  Every week I’m going to post the beginning of a story and it’s up to you to finish it in 200 words or less!  It’s a fun way to meet new authors and find out how many different endings one story can have.  I’m looking forward to reading your endings.  Feel free to twist it up!

It was a typical Sunday night.

Brian sat alone in his squad car, just the moon and stars kept him company.  What did he expect?  Nothing much ever happened in Sweet River, anyway.  Petty thefts, an occassional B&E.  They’d had three speeders one day this summer.  Of course, that was during their annual Sugar River Festival in July.  The parade had gotten out of hand.  Maybe they should outlaw the beer tent?

Sheriff Brian Sugar checked the time, 10:45.  His shift would be over at 2 AM.  Their county police force was small and kept him busy filling in patrol duties for his deputies.  Probably why he wasn’t married and hardly had time to date.  His co-workers kidded him (mostly behind his back-but he knew) that he was just too sweet for the single ladies around town. 

Light reflected from his rear view mirror as a car popped over the hill behind him.  Approaching  quickly, it set the radar chirping.

Turning the key, Brian reved the engine and put in in gear.  He jammed the brake.  As the vehicle sped by he slipped the pedal and burned rubber in hot pursuit.

“Got a black sedan, doing about a hundred per.”  He switched on the lights and siren, gaining ground fast.  His speedometer read 127.  “It’s a Chevy-Malibu.  Driver is slowing-slowing…”

The Chey’s brake lights were mere feet from his front bumper.  “Hey-Ease up on the pedal!”  The sheriff was forced to lock it down.

As the dust settled, he caught his breath.  The car he’d frantically chased set peacefully on the side of the road.

Climbing out, he began cautiously moving forward while his fingers unlatched the strap on his revolver.

The driver’s window was rolled down as he ran the flashlight beam inside, “What seems to be the rush?”  Surprize slapped the Sheriff.  “What’s the hurry, Maam?”

A gorgeous woman with raven-black hair smiled innocently up at him.  “Sorry, Officer.  Was I going too fast?”


10 Responses to ““Too Fast?””

  1. D'Ann Lindun Says:

    I got nothing this morning. I did want you to know I stopped by, though.

  2. Brian’s eyes shifted to her left ring finger, free of any signs of a commitment.

    His heart raced double time–probably faster than this little lady had been driving moments ago–as a feeling of sweet fate settled around him.

    The voice inside his head, the one he spent many long hours with while pulling the dreaded night shift, warned him with clarity that he’d better weigh his words carefully because he’d just meet his future.

  3. Hey-Christine. Like his heart driving faster than she’d been driving! Sweet. I’m startin’ to like the big lug-Sheriff Sugar!

  4. I’ve been out in the yard all day – I’m exhausted and covered in bug bites. I cut and pasted your story and will look at it tomorrow. SO I didn’t forget.

  5. I’m an erotic romance writer – you set me up a story that I could have gone crazy with – had to restrain myself here.

    “127 in a 55. That’s going to cost you. License and registration.” He held out his hand.
    She fumbled around searching her car. “Hmmm. Can’t seem to find my purse.”
    Brian sighed. He’d heard that line more than once. “Step out of the car.” He backed away.
    The door swung open. A black stiletto heel emerged. A finely-shaped ankle. A long calf. A well-toned thigh. Brian swallowed and tried to remain professional. When she emerged, Brian was standing face to face with Roxena Renquist – a.k.a – Roxie. Supermodel. Her image had been displayed on numerous magazines and posted on every storefront in Sweet River. The classic local girl makes good.
    “Oh wait.” She smiled. “I remember.” She turned and bent over to check under her car seat. The vision before him made Brian’s pulse increase and he wiped a bead of sweat off his brow. “Ta da.” She held out her driver’s license.
    “No need Roxie. I know who you are. But you’re still going to have to pay for going so fast.”
    Roxie’s face fell into a sad little pout. “But Sheriff….”
    Brian rapidly scribbled on his pad, tore off the paper and held it out. Roxie’s long polished nails grazed his hand as she took the offending ticket. She cast her gaze across it then glanced up at him. “What?”
    Tearing himself away from the depth of her icy blue eyes, Brian shifted his feet and inhaled a deep breath. “The penalty around here for doing 127 in a 55 is accompanying me to dinner. You still owe me from dumping me at Prom.”
    She glanced at his nametag. “Sheriff Sugar. Brian?”
    He nodded.
    “What’s the penalty if I refuse?” A hint of a smile crossed her mouth.
    “Then I’d have to arrest you.”
    Roxie threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.
    “Now Ma’am that would be assaulting an officer.”
    “Oh arrest me, you idiot.”

  6. Daryl…Please excuse me while I grab a towel! Perspiring just a bit! So much great and graphic stuff here. Sharp romantic twists. Your ending could go on and on… Sure appreciate your dedication to my blog. (200 word speed limit is just to keep all of you lovely Writers from producing 50-100 pages!!! LOL
    Thanx Daryl-You are Gifted with a wonderful imagination.

  7. I tired to get it to under 200 words – I couldn’t and I cut ALOT of stuff.

    • Daryl-Please-Don’t ever cut anything out. If you’ve got time to write it-I’ll Definitely Read every word. You are a great writer and I visited your site today, but i didn’t have time to read everything. I’ll be back for more. Love your stuff–No more cutting out-please.

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