Lonely Librarian

Hi there, and welcome to just End It Monday.  Every week I’m going to post the beginning of a story and it’s up to you to finish it in 200 words or less!  It’s a fun way to meet new authors and find out how many different endings one story can have.  I’m looking forward to reading your endings.  Feel free to twist it up!

 Rebecca groaned,lifting another stack of books.

 “You guys can leave,” she said, shifting the heavy load against her hip.  “It’s ten after seven.  I’ll finish up.”  She took a few steps and turned as her 2-girl helpers made for the exit.

 “And lock the door on your way out!”  She called after them.

Jeff, the new staff member, grabbed the last pile of returned books.  I’ll take care of these before I go,” he smiled.

“Thank-you, Jeff.  You just earned some extra points with me!”

Nodding, he headed toward the proper shelves, “I’ll lock the door when I’m done.  See you tomorrow.”

Rebecca trudged along row after row of books, pausing to place the returned volumes on their proper shelves.  Three for Science Fiction, two for the Horror shelf and.  She checked the number on binding.  836.2-Romance.  She studied the cover…a handsome guy smiled with his arm around the book’s blonde heroine.  “He looks a little like Jeff,” she whispered.  He’d only worked at their library for a few weeks, and Jeff seemed ok…but there was something different about him.  She couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

 “I should read this one,” she shook her head, “with Jeff-or whoever he is on the cover.  God knows I could use a little…”

Painfully, she knew that her ‘love life’ had been something only lived-out in her mind.  What would she do without romantic novels?  “I might be better off without them,” she sighed.  “I need the real thing.”

 The Hillyard Public Library was so quiet when she was its only occupant.  So quiet.  So alone.

 She ran her finger along the top shelf of Love Stories, felt the tiny crack where the book had been pulled out two weeks ago.  As she wiggled it back in something sent a chill down her spine.

 Some sound.   A voice?  She should be alone!


     Turning slowly, Rebecca…


7 Responses to “Lonely Librarian”

  1. Turning slowly, Rebecca caught just a glimpse of the shadow that slipped past the end of the row of books. Squaring her shoulders, she marched in the direction of the intruder. Someone in her library after hours – so not going to happen.
    The soft carpeting muffled her steps making sneaking up behind the miscreant easier but alas, it muffled his as well. She wandered down the main passageways peeking left and right down dark rows of books. At the end of a reference row, she saw just a snippet of the shadow.
    Rebecca quickened her pace. Rounding the corner of the reference section, she stopped. Her hand flew to her mouth to stifle a gasp. In the reading the lounge, someone had moved the chairs and tables and laid a bright pink checked tablecloth on the floor. A vase stood in the middle with one white rose. Two filled champagne flutes rested beside a box of chocolates.
    She stepped closer as she glanced about the area. Out of the corner of her eye she watched him step out of the shadow. It was Jeff.
    “I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty?” He pointed to the impromptu picnic.
    “Is this for me?”
    Jeff stepped closer and breathed across her ear. “It is for us.” He held out his hand and helped her sit on the picnic cloth then he sat next to her.
    Rebecca giggled. “This is just like in one of the romances I’ve read.” She picked up the champagne flute and sipped.
    Jeff smiled. “Ever read paranormal romances?” He leaned closer as if to kiss her then two gleaming white fangs descended and he hovered over her neck.
    “Jeff!” She pushed him away. “Rule 26 of the Library Board. No vampires allowed in the library. Get out.”
    With a puff of smoke, Jeff vanished. Rebecca picked up her champagne flute, the open bottle and the box of chocolates then head back to the romance section to grab that book she’d just shelved.
    With book tucked under her arm and while juggling all the other items, Rebecca pulled her wand out of her pocket and swished herself home for a quiet night’s read.

    • Daryl–Very cool! I loved all of it, especially the champagne and single white rose. I think Becky should have given Jeff a chance. He seems like a lovable guy…even though he is a Neck-Bit’er! thanx for a great ending.

  2. D'Ann Lindun Says:

    bumped into the solid chest of Jeff. Heat colored her cheeks. “Oh, sorry.”
    “I’m not,” he said.
    Surprise filled her. She hadn’t thought he’d noticed she was alive.
    He smiled, and she noticed what she hadn’t seen before. Two gleaming white fangs…coming toward her neck.
    She screamed and tossed the novel in his face. Quick as hot butter melting over toast, she turned to run.
    She thought she’d made her way to safety when a hand grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. “Gotcha!”
    She wilted as his mouth descended toward her neck.

  3. Good ending, D’Ann. Glad to see Jeff sink the fangs and have a drink of the ‘Juice’ which fuels him! Poor Becky…but, that’s life—and death in a story. Thanks for stopping by and write-on!

  4. Jennifer Lowery Says:

    …saw him. He stood in the shadows, an vision of Jeff, but not. His eyes were different. Darker. Mesmerizing.

    • Jennifer Lowery Says:

      Oops, hit post on accident! Here’s the rest of the story, lol!

      He held out his hand, beckoning her. “You don’t have to be alone ever again, Rebecca.”
      His voice, Jeff’s but deeper, drew her to him. She moved to his side. She didn’t want to be alone anymore.
      “Say it, Rebecca. Say the word and we’ll be together forever.”
      She nodded, lost in the blue of his eyes, the sensual timber of his voice.
      “Say it.”
      “I’m yours,” she whispered and placed her hand in his.
      “is that a yes?’
      Rebecca blinked and stared into Jeff’s puzzled blue eyes. “W—what?”
      “To having coffee with me? Is that a yes?”
      She tucked the romance novel back on the shelf. “Yes, I’m yours.”

      That was fun! Looking forward to next week!

  5. Hey-Jen! I got a good chuckle out of that one! Great Ending and thanks for stopping by. Need more java right now-take care and Wtite On!

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