“You Think?”

Hi there, and welcome to Just End It Monday.  Every week I’m going to post the beginning of a story and it’s up to you to finish it in 200 words or less!  It’s a fun way to meet new authors and find out how many different endings one story can have.  I’m looking forward to reading your ending.  So go ahead…Just end It.  And feel free to Twist it up!

“Are you sure its safe to eat?”  Heather squeezed the stem just hard enough to keep from dropping it.

“Sure it is,” Dustin swept his hand across the mushrooms littering the forest floor.  “These are all good ones!”  He carefully adjusted his Detroit Tigers cap.  “Now, let’s pick em, it’s getting late.”

Heather did and soon her sack was nearly full.  She loved mushrooms, the store-bought kind, but she’d never eaten wild morels.  Her new BFF, Dustin was an outdoorsman and went on and on about how good these particular fungi would taste.  And when he bent down for them, his stretched tight jeans couldn’t hide his muscular body.  But it was getting harder to see in the dwindling light.

“Dustin-Where are we?”

“I think we can make the truck before dark.  Come on, just a couple more and we’ll head back.”

“You think we can make it?”  She Questioned.

“No.  I know we’ll be fine.”

Shaking her head, she glanced West, the sun was no where to be found.  Uneaseiness crept over her and a shiver ran down her spine.  They should leave now.

“Dusty, we need to-”

“Go.”  He put two morels in his bag.  “I know.”  He grabbed her hand, “This way to the truck, Baby.”  He led her through tall popple and thick pine trees at a quick pace.

Minutes later, he stopped dead.  Dustin studied the woods and skylined treetops.  Turning, he faced her.

Heather peered hopefully at the whites of his eyes in the gloom.

“Ah, Babes.  Not sure I’ve been here before,” he said nervously.  “If we go fast-that way.”  Dustin pointed in the direction they’d just come from, “I think we’ll be ok.”

“You think?”  Heather whispered tersely.


13 Responses to ““You Think?””

  1. Dustin hoisted up his jeans and flung out his chest. “Yea, I’ll think we’ll be alright. I know what I’m doing.”
    Heather placed her hand on his arm. “Oh, I’m so glad. I’d be scared out here in the woods.”
    He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close. “Nothing’ to be scared about little lady. I’m here to protect you. And see. The moon’s just coming up. And it’ll be a full bright one. It’s what they call a super moon.”
    Heather snuggled next to Dustin and watched as the curve of the moon ascended the sky.
    When it reached it’s fullness, Dustin stepped forward. “Follow me, we’ll be fine.”
    Heather remained on the spot and shook her head. Then her body. A thick coat of fur covered her from head to toes. Her long manicured fingernails curved into sharp claws. Her perfectly straight pearly white teeth lengthened into fangs.
    “What’cha waiting for back there honey buns?”
    “You think we’ll be alright?” she called.
    “Yea, I think so.”
    She snickered. “Well I don’t think so.” From her spot twenty feet behind Dustin, she sprang forward and pounced. Teeth and claws slashing and tearing. The bag of morels fell from his hand.
    Heather stood and lifted her face to the moon and howled.
    Dustin shook the leaves from his fur coat. The moon light glistened off his fangs. “Now why’d you do that?”
    “Can’t a she-wolf have some fun?” Heather picked up the bag and began to run. “Last one home makes supper.”

  2. Daryl, I’m still howling!!! I write these things with no real ending in mind. So it’s a HOOT to see what you all do with these.
    Official Review: Super Moon-Way to use it! Macho-Man-Dustin in the beginning=excellent set-up. Double Twisted End…just tooo Good! Thanx. See ya soon on your blog!

  3. D'Ann Lindun Says:

    Dusty winced at the anger in her voice. “Now, hon–”
    “Don’t ‘hon’ me,” she shouted. “We’re lost and it’s all your fault.”
    Digging in the bag, Dusty picked one of the larger ‘shrooms. “Here. Eat this.”
    Heather took it and nibbled at the rubbery tasting plant. “This is horrible.”
    “just wait,” Dusty said with a grin.
    In a few minutes, to her surprise, Heather began to feel a lot better. Happy almost. She held out her hand. “Give me another.”
    With an obliging grin, he complied. Just a couple more, and they’d be doing the dirty tango on the forest floor. If she knew the truck was only a few hundred feet away, his plan would all be for nothing.

  4. D’Ann-Very funny ending! I like the ‘magic mushroom’ thing, especially leading to the dirty tango on forest floor–Excellent! I wondered what might happen with a better-coupled pair for starters… Now I know! LOL!

  5. Heather grabbed a mushroom and popped it into her mouth. Warmth rushed through her veins and a curling sensation filled her stomach. Within seconds her gaze fogged, but not before she caught the twisted sneer on Dustin’s face.

    He helped her sit and the dirt’s coolness seeped through her jeans, sending tiny shivers across her shoulders, but not enough to ease the heat spreading across her flesh. Beads of sweat dotted her skin and she swiped her forearm across her forehead.

    “W-what’s going on, Dustin.”

    “Not Dustin, it’s Martin. Martin Danberry.”

    Her mind tumbled then froze. Uneasiness, mixed with fear and dread rode her spine upward until her head throbbed in pain. “Mar—as in Martin Danberry from Mrs. Granger’s third grade class at Einstein Elementary?”

    “Exactly.” He folded his arms across his chest, a triumphant lift to his chin. “I knew you’d remember.”

    “I could never forget.” She sank against the trunk of a tree with a shuddered sigh. Her breathing become labored. Life ebbed from the slow pounding beat of her heart.

    “See, Heather, I never forgot or forgave you for bullying me in school. You controlled the cool kids back then, teasing me daily so that I had to spend years in an institution to regain my sanity.”

    “Dusti—Martin, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being the rotten kid I was, but I’m not that person now.”

    “Too late.” He lifted his wrist, glancing at his watch, his smile broadening. “From my caluculations, you have about five minutes and you’ll be dead. And we’ll be even.”

  6. Christine…WOW!! You put so much in so quickly. I am inspired! First 2 paragraphs I smiled, warming up slowly. Then, into darkness you took me-step by step. You could write well into this genre. Must go now-dark-need to turn on all the lights…

  7. “You think?” she repeated, totally disgusted now with his wimpy attitude. “Jeeze, let me think a minute.”

    “Think about what, babe? If we go back the way we came–”

    “We’ll be just as lost as the last time you brought us out into the woods.” Heather turned to the nearest tree and began to walk around it, inspecting the bark.

    “What the hell are you doing?” Dustin sounded petulant, though he certainly had no right to be miffed with her. He pulled a mushroom out of his bag and bit the cap off angrily.

    “Saving our butts from a night in the cold. Ah-ha.” Heather pointed to the green moss growing at the base of one of the trees. “That way is north. The access road we came in on runs north and south, so if we head this way,” she pointed the opposite way he had been trying to steer them, “we should come to the road and hopefully your truck.”

    “Where did you learn that from?” Dustin looked at her like she had sprouted another head.

    “I was a Girl Scout for 12 years. We learned survival skills.” She tossed him her bag of mushrooms. “Here, make yourself useful.” She took off at a good pace, wanting to get to the road before the light completely faded.

    “So if you knew all this shit the last time we got lost in the woods, why didn’t you do something then?” The sneer in his voice as he tried to keep up with her quickened pace was sweet to her ears.

    “Because I wanted the opportunity to jump your bones last time. A tryst under the stars sounded romantic at the time. Reality was such a bummer.” She cleared the tree line and walked straight up to his Chevy pickup. “Gimme the keys.” Heather held out her hand and watched his face darken in the waning light.

    “What! I’m not going to let you drive my truck after that insult.”

    “You’re not going to want to drive in another couple of minutes. Those morels…not the safe ones. I’d dump them out if I were you and use the bag for–”

    “Why didn’t you stop me!” His eyes were round in panic, his face turning slightly green.

    “You’re the outdoorsman.” Heather shook her head. “Too bad you weren’t a Boy Scout. They taught them how to make an antidote. We didn’t get that lesson.” She grabbed the keys he now held out helplessly. She opened the door and helped him in. “Do you think you can hold your head out the window? You don’t want to get sick all over your nice truck now, do you?”

    Heather chuckled as she rounded the truck and got in. “Hang on, Dustin. I’ll get you to the ER in time. I think.” She shifted into gear and floored it.

  8. Jenna-What a finale! Love the Heather/girlscout idea and when she tossed him the mushroom bag-‘Make yourself useful!’ Their previous woods/whoopie(Sp.?) Bummer was a sweet twist. The antidote-Nice Double Twist!! Thanx for taking time to write an excellent ending!

  9. Jennifer Lowery Says:

    Awesome endings everyone!! Loved reading them!

  10. Didn’t have the chance to come up with an ending and I’m running out the door to work but wanted to say I love this idea and have fun dropping by to read the endings. Thanks!

  11. Toni-no problem. Am so glad you had time to stop by. Also-this site is always available so do what you can at your leisure. Hope you have a good work-shift!! Take care, Steven.

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