Tip-Toe Through The Moonlight

Hi there, and welcome to Just End It Monday.  Every week I’m going to post the beginning of a story and it’s up to you to finish it in 200 words or less.  It’s a fun way to meet new authors and find out how many different endings one story can have.  I’m looking forward to reading Your Ending!  Feel free to Twist it up! 

“Loser!”  Julie slammed the door.

She made sure the rotten thing was locked and started walking.  Glancing over her shoulder she saw the hood of her car was still proped on the rod.

“Good enough!” She spewed, “If the cops come along that should be sufficient to let them know-I’m havin’ trouble!”

Three inch heels clicking on the asphalt she hurried along.  She’d left the flashlight on the passenger seat since the batteries had lasted only a few minutes.  Everything had been against her so far…Jeff had asked her to spend the night, but she’d told him no.  It had felt-wrong, though she’d stayed over before.

“This is wrong too!”  She worried as clouds hid the full moon for a moment.  Ankles wobbling, she paused and pulled off her shoes.  Barefoot, now she walked carefully.   

 Julie heard something moving…something close by in the woods.  It was still a mile to Jeff”s place.  She heard the rustling in the foilage again.  Heart pounding, Julie raised to the tips of her toes, trying to see over the brush…


35 Responses to “Tip-Toe Through The Moonlight”

  1. This is fun Steven…here’s my little addition! Your story has all the makings for something scary, but I just couldn’t do it. lol

    A soft rumble, like a well tuned motor running idle drew her gaze downward to a ball of orange and white fluff.

    The tiny kitten mouthed a meow, but no sound emerged. Large green eyes concentrated on her and she bent, her heart seizing in her throat as she released a resigned sigh.

    Julie scooped up the shivering mass of soft fur and pressed the tiny kitten to her cheek, unable to stop the grin that caught her mouth and tugged into a smile. A course tongue tentatively touched her cheek and she cooed at the trusting kitten filling her palms. Her shoulders sank and tears threatened as she gathered her new friend closer into the warm confines of her jacket.

    Maybe tonight wasn’t a total loss after all.

  2. Jennifer Lowery Says:

    She didn’t have to look long. A big, furry animal charged out of the bush and knocked her flat. Julie screamed, looking up into a pair of soulful brown eyes. A wet tongue licked her face.
    “Cesar!” she cried, hugging Jeff’s big black lab. “You scared the life out of me.”
    Happy to have an escort, she let woman’s best friend lead her to Jeff’s place.

  3. Fun idea, Steven! Here’s mine:

    A low hum reached her ears. Da Da Da-dum. Da Da Da-dum. over and over until she swayed in time with the tune. Had she heard it somewhere before? Maybe. Da Da Da-dum. Da Da Da-dum.

    An eerie trickle shivered over her spine and the hair on the nape of her neck stood. Julie’s mind screamed at her to tune out the humming and run – as fast as she could – to Jeff’s porch. But the humming wouldn’t let her go. As if of their own volition, her feet turned to the brush and started walking as a ghostly finger curled, inviting her in.

  4. Great idea. This was fun.

    A cold sweat sprinkled her forehead as the putrid scent of rotten flesh assaulted her nose. Julie slapped her hand to her mouth and swallowed down her retching stomach. A low snarl made her heart leap and every muscle fiber in her body tense. She steadied her other hand as she pushed some brush aside.
    A pack of wolves was ripping into a long dead deer. Except one. The largest male glared at her. His eyes glowed a deep rich red wine colour.
    The wind picked up rustling leaves and the dark night lightened as clouds drifted by. The fullness of the moon casts it’s ethereal glow on the forest.
    Julie stood transfixed as the alpha wolf took two steps towards her then rose on his back legs and morphed into Jeff. She screamed.
    He reached out a hand. “Julie. I can explain.”
    With a crazy high pitched laugh, Julie shifted into her wolf form and raced over to the deer and ripped off a piece of meat.
    A moment later, Jeff, in wolf form, was next to her, tail wagging with delight.

  5. Julie woke startled. Where was she? The last thing she remembered was seeing a huge mangy looking dog panting as it galloped toward her. She’d been afaid of dogs her whole life, but for some reason she felt drawn to this animal as if it were her friend.
    She tried to sit up, but her head spun so bad she had to lie back down. Taking in her surroundings she realized she was in a bedroom, but who’s. Was it hers? She couldn’t remember and as panic began to flit through her veins the bedroom door pushed opened.
    A man dressed in a police uniform came to sit down beside her. “You’re lucky I found you before they did.”
    Her mind whirled. “Who are they and where am I?”
    He turned his head to the side to reach for a glass of water on the night stand. “All of your questions will soon be answered. Now take a drink.”
    Julie brought the glass to her lips and caught a sliver of the moon out the bedroom window. She drooped her glass . Her body began to tremble.
    A smile seeped across the face of the man beside her . “Welcome Home.”

    • Neecy-I searched my whole house, (Even the basement-ooohh-dark and dingy) I did not find Julie. Her real home must be somewhere…?
      Great writing. You said a lot in a few words. Gotta go–look around the neighborhood for Julie.

  6. jerridrennen Says:

    I did my best, Steven!

    … No such luck. She wasn’t tall enough with her shoes off and taking the time to put them back on would be stupid.
    A twig snapped in front of her. Something, or someone was near–within reach.
    Julie slowly backed away, her eyes glued to the brush, ready to bolt if and when she needed to. Step by measured step, she retreated, the hairs on the nape of her neck dancing like an electric current. Her foot slid on wet grass. From behind something brushed her against her. As she turned, a hand snaked out and covered her mouth, drowning her scream. Hot, sweet breath whispered across her cheek, then connected with her ear.
    “Sh…”a husky voice said, pulling her next to him. “A killers out here.” He pointed to ground where a woman lay, dark spots covering her white blouse.
    Her foot sliding on something came rushing back.
    Oh God. She stepped in…blood.
    Julie glanced at the man, who gave her a sinister smiled that sent her heart into her throat.

  7. D'Ann Lindun Says:

    “Who’s there?” Julie’s voice trembled.
    Only the rustling greeted her ears. Fear tangoed up and down her spine and her gut clenched. “Answer me,” she demanded.
    “Babe, it’s me.” Jeff appearead out of the brush lining the road.
    Julie’s hammering heart slowed a little. “Why didn’t you answer me?”
    He smiled, and there was something odd in it. “I did.”

  8. D’Ann, thank-you and nice job! But I’m still worried about Julie. I don’t think she’s quite out of the ‘woods’ yet…

  9. What a great idea for a blog! I love it. I can’t finish your story as I’m still trying to START my wip, but I’ll spread the word!

  10. I don’t write suspense, but here goes:

    Heart in her throat, she squeaked, “Whose there?”
    The bush rustled again and a dark head with shiny eyes glared at her. Julie jumped back stifling a scream. One by one, a mama raccoon and her brood left the bush.

  11. Ella, thank-you for a comforting ending. Very Good. I read and enjoy various genres, but when I write…well, my twisted muses sometimes take over.

  12. Heart pounding, Julie raised to the tips of her toes, trying to see over the brush. At that moment, the clouds parted and moonlight bathed the small clearing in a soft gray light, illuminating a hunched figured.

    What the hell?

    A deep growl followed by slavering sounds came from the direction of the person who was focused on a dark lump on the forest floor.

    The figure straightened and she noticed it was a tall man. And his face and hands were wet with…blood.

    She gagged and stumbled back when she realized the dark shape at the person’s feet was a deer and the guy was eating it!

    As she turned to flee, she slammed into a warm wall. A snarl filled her ears as strong hands gripped her tight. Glancing up, she screamed when she saw Jeff. Blood and filth were smeared across his lips and chin. He lunged and his teeth sank into the tender flesh of her neck.

  13. Jennifer Lowery Says:

    Awesome endings here today! Enjoyed reading them!!

  14. What an awesome idea! Love it!! Great beginning excerpt.

  15. Julie’s heart pounded. She couldn’t see over the hedge, so she quietly pushed through the branches. A scream caught in her throat. On the ground lay a woman, dark stains covered her blouse. A man hunched over her, knife in hand. The knife plunged deep into her body over and over again. So lost in his own fevered state, he didn’t noticed Julie. Sweat creased her brow. Slowly she backed out of the hedge and ran out into the dark night.

    Great idea for a blog post!

  16. Very good ending! Love the knife-work, great addition to the story. Thank-you, Karen!

  17. Stones cut into the soles of her feet as she took a step back. She squinted, willing her eyes to see through the night’s fog. Two red diamonds glinted amongst the trees. Julie shivered and moved behind her stalled car. Something was out there. Something terrible. Still, nothing she could have imagined came close to the enormous wolf that lunged from the brush, heading straight toward her. Julie screamed as she turned and ran. Her bare feet slipped along the wet grass and she fell to her knees. The wolf closed in, leaping over her fallen form as it tackled a man with a chainsaw. The wolf locked on the man’s neck, shaking with its powerful jaws until the man went limp.
    Julie’s chest rose and fell, her limbs shaky as he stood and realized a wolf had just saved her life.

    Okay, so admittedly, I can’t do scary endings, lol. If I really thought about it I’m almost scared to admit what my mind would come up with, which is why I avoid scary movies too. Still, this was so much fun!

    • Toni, You did a great ending with a cool twist! I think ‘dark romance’ stories are very popular these days and always will be. As they say: “Maybe you should unleash the Beast.” Thanx so much for stopping by and I look forward to see more…

  18. ebondreams Says:

    I write romance…but here goes…

    She couldn’t see a thing. But she sure could hear it. It! With her heart in her chest, she swallowed hard and began to move quicker. Damn’t to hell why did she choose to wear heels today? Of all the nights that she could pick to wear her cute little Manolo Blahnik’s this had to be the worse?

    Her heart stuttered as she heard the sound behind her getting closer and the most eerie sounding growl like snarl. With a scream she moved, in fact she ran straight out of her heels into a dead run.

    In her head she kept repeating, It isn’t that far. I can make it. Please god, please let me make it!

    That was when she felt the hair on the her neck move as hot and heavy breath hit against it. She was going to die. She kept running as she felt claw like hands grab her forearms and felt herself pulled back against a form.

    Another scream erupted from her as she felt those claws dig into her skin and fangs rip into her flesh. Her last thought was, she should have worn Converse, maybe she would have gotten away.


  19. Nikki-I really liked the part about, ‘hot, heavy breath on her neck’! And I did LOL with the converse thing! Great ending. Admittedly, I’ve tried writing Romance…but my twisted muses seem to win-out and pull me into the darkside. I’m Anxious to read more of your stuff.

    • ebondreams Says:

      I am glad you liked it. That was coming out of my comfort zone just a little bit. I do write paranormal erotic romance…so this was not so hard…but hard to keep it from turning sweet…

      and I couldn’t resist with the Converse.

      This was fun. A great exercise. Will come back for more. I liked your fb page.


      • Again-thank-you, Nikki! (I am an Adidas fan) But Converse is a better known brand and was the best choice for ending! Next Monday I’ll try my best to set-up a better romantic lead. It will be a stretch!

  20. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she started to walk faster. There was something in those woods and she wasn’t going to stick around and find out what.

    Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw something fly by. She laughed. “It’s just a stupid bird.” However, that was one big damned bird. Then she heard the flapping of wings behind her. She glanced over her shoulder to find a huge creature with bat like wings coming at her.

    A scream choked her as she took off in a sprint. “This isn’t happening!” Not matter how fast she ran the creature kept up with her. She could feel the wind from his wings on her back. He swopped down and grabbed her with long sharp claws. Pain shot through her shoulders. She looked back at yellow glowing eyes and black skin that resembled a reptile.

    The creature hissed and went for her throat. She raised her heel and planted it in the creature’s temple. It went down hard and was suddenly still. She fell to her knees trying to catch her breath. “Guess it was a good thing I wore these damned heels after all.”

    • Tabitha…Most Excellent! I liked all of your ending, esp.-‘wind on her back,’ and last paragraph! So much good stuff and i’ve been waiting for someone to use that shoe effectively. Is this your chosen genre? If not-maybe it should be. Thanx and good writing…

      • Tabitha Blake Says:

        Well I write dark paranormal suspence with romantic elements. So yeah its pretty close. I love a dark story. I have wrote a few horror shorts.I really enjoyed it and will be back to participate in the future. Thanks for the compliment! This was too much fun!

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