After You…

Hi there, and welcome to Just End It Monday.  Every week I’m going to post the beginning of a story and it’s up to you to finish it in 200 words or less!  It’s a fun way to meet new authors and find out how many different endings one story can have.  I’m looking forward to reading your endings!  Feel free to twist it up!

Jenna pressed her ear against the wood.

“Hear anything?” Kevin whispered.

“Shush!  I could if you’d be quiet.”  Jenna listened intently.  Hoping to hear the strange noise again…and praying not to at the same time.  Peeling paint and dirt assulted her cheek and ear lobe as her head slipped on the door.  Slipped!  She realized, annoyed.  More like shoved as her boyfriend Kevin’s hard noggin had pushed in above her.


They recoiled!  Jenna’s upper cranium made solid contact with Kevin’s lower jaw.  He grabbed his face.  She grabbed his free hand.  Together they took a step backward in the moonlight.

“Man-I think it’s broken!”  He rubbed his bearded chin.

“Big Baby!  Come on…Somebody’s hurt in there, or something.”

“The place is sposed to be empty.”  He leaned far forward and stretched to reach the door knob.  Kevin touched it with just his index finger.  “Nobody’s lived here in…forever-right?”

“It sounded like someone does,” she whispered shrilly.  “Now, go!  Get in there.”

Kevin’s eyes caught pale light filtering through trees, “After You…”


2 Responses to “After You…”

  1. Jennifer Lowery Says:

    With a sound of disgust, Jenna pushed past Kevin and turned the door knob. “Big chicken,” she muttered and disappeared inside the old house.
    Her scream ehoed through the night followed by silence.
    Terrified, Kevin burst through the door. “Jenna!”
    His foot caught on something lying on the floor and he fell face first in a cloud of dust. Jenna’s vacant brown eyes stared back at him and he screamed, scrambling to his feet.
    He turned to run but a noise behind him froze him mid-stride. Slowly, he turned to see Jenna standing behind him. He opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out.
    Jenna brushed her hands together. “Next time, you go in first,” she said and walked out.

    Fun post! Thanks!

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