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I Now Pronounce You…Dead

Posted in Twisted Shorts on March 27, 2012 by stevenloweryauthor



Vinny. You’ll wake the dead.” Joe hissed the words as he glared at his noisy accomplice. He continued to watch as Vinny slid the head of the spade down and under the large rock and used his massive strength to pry it up. Then the big man easily tossed it onto the growing pile of dirt.

“Joe, there ain’t nobody around for a mile. Except that guy,” he pointed to a third man who lay very still, “and he ain’t hearin’ nothin’.”

Joe wiped sweat from his brow. He was thinking. That seemed to be his primary task the last two years. That’s how long he and Vinny had worked together. It irked him sometimes that Big Vinny, as he was often called, was long on strength but short on brains. They were paid equally by their boss, but Joe figured his own work should be worth more. Maybe a lot more.

“Are you sure he’s dead?” Joe whispered in his high pitched voice as he stepped down on his shovel. “Is he?”

“Deader than a Hammer. I hit him like, like one of those big white bears…clobbers a seal.”

“Polar bear, Vinny, polar bear.”

“Ya, I think I saw it on the Discovery Channel.” Vinny smiled, a big toothy smile, openly proud of himself that he knew some things. Some smart things.



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